A politics and elections results experience launched in October of 2020, and enhanced for the 2021 election on the Spectrum News App for iOS and Android
My Role:
Lead Product Delivery Manager for the UX/UI Design Team
Key Tasks: 
Facilitator of Google Design Sprint to kick off the work, strategic advisor to product team on election specifics and user needs during the pandemic, road mapping design delivery schedule, main contact for product team and executive stakeholders, project management  lead of all design deliverables, facilitator of daily stand-ups, planning meetings, and working sessions with product, accessibility, development, and technical architects 
Led the design team to an MVP release of an enhanced election results experience prior to the 2020 election, followed up with a 'blue sky' release of a thorough elections and civic engagement experience in October of 2021, prior to the 2021 election that educates users on their local officials, ways to get engaged, and how to vote 
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